Second of two exhibits to anounce a performance;
(see Propaganda)

The Reception for an Embassy without a Country;
(see performance)


The Diplomatic Round Tables, Three round tables become succesively larger by way of mirrors.

Plates inscribed with depictions of scenes from the performance being announced are placed on the trope d'oeil tables and hang on the walls.

Costumes are displayed for the proposed embassy tour of the performance entitled;
The Reception for An Embassy Without A Country.

These installations are about the masks, tools, aids, crutches and other paraphernalia that we use and carry with us in order to find ourselves and to make ourselves known or heard in the chaos of the contemporary psyche.


OZENDATE for An Embassy Without A Country
August 25 to September 30 1995
Aki-Ex Gallery
5-4-44 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan Tel: 03 3487-5663

THE RECEPTION for An Embassy Without A Country
at selected Embassies in Tokyo
October, 1995