The Windmill

      The Windmill for An Embassy Without A Country is a theater performance and installation piece. Inspired by separate aspects of the same notion, this Embassy represents the collision or collage of three elements; A Tower of Babel, The mast of a Caravel and the Windmill. The Tower of Babel representing the separation of languages and cultures and thus the birth of the nations. The mast of a Caravel represents the ships of the age of discovery and thus the re-unification of cultures. The Windmill represents the Quixotic battle that rages in the mind of the creator in his or her struggle for expression within society. The combination of these three elements together with the protocol production apparatus, the gateway, the undulating protocol conveyor, the manpower platform and the performance represent the complex nature of life itself in an age where theory and chaos become order.

The Windmill for An Embassy Without A Country
Wood, Japanese Washi Paper, Yeso, Corrugated Board, Rust Paint, Electric Motor, Remote Control Audio Cassette
Shachihata Contemporary Art Competition (Finalist)

Spiral Garden Exhibit Hall
Spiral Building Aoyama Tokyo
June 20 to August 10 1994