sergio duran
1032 6th Avenue 401 New York, NY 10018 TEL: (212) 840-1007 FAX: (212) 840-1007
Academic Appointments:
Adjunct Professor Rutgers University, The School of Visual and Performing Arts
  New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ph.D. ABD 1989-1994 ABD, Ph.D. candidate
Dept. of Engineering School of Architecture, University of Tokyo
M.Arch 1989 University of Tokyo School of Architecture, Tokyo
B.Arch 1984 SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture
  1982 U.C.L.A. Film School, Los Angeles
1979 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts Section des Art Plastiques, Paris
Academic, Research and Scholarship

Rutgers University
The School of Visual and
Performing Arts



Computer Art
Introduction to Computer Art 2D Graphics and Animation Studio
Intermediate Computer Art 3D Graphics and Animation Studio

Television Department
Multimedia and the Internet for Television

New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT
New Jersey Institute of Technology



Graduate 2nd Year Computer Design Studio
Undergraduate 3rd Year Computer Design Studio
Options 4th & 5th Year Design Studio
Architectural Graphics
Japanese Contemporary Architecture

NYIT NYIT School of Architecture (New York Institute of Technology)
Foundations Design Studio Fall 2000
Guest Critic:
2002 Columbia University School of Architecture
2000 Parson's School of Design
2000 New York Institute of Technology
1999 Parson's School of Design
1998 Parson's School of Design
1993 Southern California Institute of Architecture Japan Studio
1992 Waseda University, Shibaura University, Kanto Gakuin University
Public Lecture / Workshop:
2003 Spring Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation
Arata Isozaki (two part lecture) currently in preparation
2002 Summer
soon to be published
ACSA International Conference HAVANA, CUBA (Architecture, Culture and the Challange of Globalization)
"Architectural Identity Through Film" (Architecture and Identity) Sub-Topic
1999 Fall New York Institute of Technology Lecture Series
"Embassy Manifestos"
1999 Spring NJIT Lecture Series
"Embassy Productions"
1997 Association of Iranian Architects NY
1993 Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Virtual and Dynamic Environments Workshop
Workshop Panelist, on "New Technologies in the field of architecture"
1992 University of Tokyo
"Film and the Representation of Architectural Space"
1990 J.I.A. International Design Workshop
Japan Institute of Architects International Design Workshop in Tokyo
One week workshop Teaching Assistant to Tom Heneghan
Japan Laureate
Honors and Awards:
1995 UNESCO PRIZE for the promotion of the Arts
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Recognition for body of work in contemporary Art
1995 Picasso Medal for Contemporary Art (The Ceptor for an Embassy Without A Country)

Shachihata Design Competition Finalist (Borderline Writing Apparatus Prototype)

1993 Shachihata Design Competition Finalist (The Windmill)
1989 Steedman Fellowship to the American Academy in Rome - Honorable Mention
2002 National Science Foundation Grant $300,000 / yr. 3 years (Pending)
  MPS - Internship in Public Science and Education Interdisciplinary collaboration with Newark Museum of Art and Science, The Science High School of Newark Public Schools, and the New Jersey Center for Multimedia Research at NJIT Research to incorporate Multimedia Technology and provide interactive access for area youth to learning technologies in Math, Physics and other Sciences. Golgin Bengu (PI)
1991 The Japanese Construction Company
Research study of the Japanese construction companies
Funded by the Japan Construction Society, Japan and Columbia University, New York.
K. Kaplan and T. Webster principal investigators
1989-1994 Monbusho Ph.D. Research Grant
1991 Baroque Church Architecture in the Philippines
University of Tokyo research for the study of Colonial Baroque influences in Church Architecture of the Philippines. H. Kohyama principal investigator
1987-1989 Monbusho Research Scholarship
1988 Watanabe Teh, Tokugawa Period Shogun Residence;
Japanese Ministry of Culture; Historical preservation Survey

H. Kohyama principal Investigator
1986-1987 Principal Investigator: Monbusho Research Grant
Japanese Ministry of Education grant for research study on the Museum in Japan
Professional and Creative Activity

2002 Helsinki Residence, Finland
2001 Cavaliero Residence, New York
2000 LottaHope Farm; Youth Recreational Facility and Medicinal Herbs Farm, New York
1998 Abyane Residence Addition, California
1996 Urban Planing; Yamagata City & Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
  Yamagata City Central Station eastside redevelopment master plan and housing development for the elderly including a commercial atrium, concert hall, park, sports and recreation area. Touka-Machi
1994 Concert Hall, Hotel and Gallery in Erfurt Germany (Competition First Place)
Arata Isozaki and Associates 
1990 - 1994 (Tokyo) European projects coordination. Frejus Museum of Contemporary Art and the
Villa Aurelienne master plan. City of Frejus, France;
  Franco/Japanese Cultural Center and International Congress, Country Club and Hotel in Mareil en France;
  Japanese Arts & Technology Center, Krakow Poland.
  Kyoto Concert Hall 
  Mito Tower tetrahedra engineering computer model
Yoshio Taniguchi & Associates
1989 - 1990 (Tokyo) Tokyo Aquarium, Museum and Park Grounds
  Construction site office On-Site (GEMBA) for the duration of the construction
Fumihiko Maki, Architect
1987 - 1988 (Tokyo) Assisted in the design and completion of the entry to the Vienna Ringstrasse Museum Complex competition
Ricardo Legorreta Arquitectos
1986 (Los Angeles) Design development and production drawings for projects; Casa Pritzker in San Diego 
  IBM Headquarters in New Mexico
  Museum of History in Jerusalem, Israel
  The Southwest Museum, Pasadena
  Museum of Science and Industry and Children's Museum in San Jose, California
  TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Developed Internet and Intranet course web-site for assignments, architectural program, schedules and student work for both low and high bandwidth connections. Including the integration of all NJIT School of Architecture third year undergraduate sections through the web using Netscape Communicator, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe PhotoShop, GoLive, LiveMotion, Macromedia DreamWeaver 3, Flash 4, Autodesk AutoCad, Architectural Desktop, 3D Studio Max & VIZ, VoloView and Whip.
Developed Class web-site for Computer Art and Multimedia courses at Rutgers University School of Visual and Performing Arts: Video and Audio Streaming, VHS & CD conversion and Web design and management. Including Collaborations with Geology, Television and other departments for the production of animated sequences for expository and educational purposes.
  Web Development:
    Mosaic, Netscape Communicator 3, 4.7 & 6.2, Microsoft Internet Explorer, FrontPage 98~95, BBEdit, Adobe PageMill 3.0, GoLive 4.0, Flash 4&5.0
  Graphics Applications:


Adobe PhotoShop 1.0, 3, 4, 5 and 6.0 (PC/Mac), MacPaint & MacDraw (Mac), ClarisDraw (MAC), Deneba CANVAS (Mac), Aldus / Macromedia Freehand 5~7 (Mac), Adobe AfterEffects 3.1~4.0 (PC/Mac), Abode Illustrator 1.0, Illustrator 88, 7.0 (Mac), Adobe Streamline1.0 (Mac), Flash 4~5.0 (Mac), Fractal Designer’s Painter 3,4.0 (Mac), Live Picture (Mac), Videopaint 1.0 (Mac), Micrografx Designer 7.0 (PC), Micrografx Picture Publisher (PC), and a variety of task specific proprietary applications.


Micrografx Simply 3D (PC), MetaCreations Bryce 2, 4 (PC/Mac), MetaCreations Poser 2, 3, 4.0 (Mac), MetaCreations RayDream Studio (Mac), ModelShop (Mac), Canoma (Mac), Strata StrataVision3D 1.0 (Mac), Strata StudioPro 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 (Mac), Strata 3DPro rich media edition 1.0 (Mac/PC), Infini-D (Mac), Virtus Walkthru 1.0 (Mac), Auto-des-sys Form-Z 3.0 (Mac), Autodesk 3D Studio 4.0 (PC), 3D Studio MAX 2, 3, 4 (PC), 3D Studio VIZ 3 (PC), Vertigo3D Vertigo (SGI), Alias Wavefront ALIAS 7.0 & 8 (SGI)


Adobe Premier 4.0, 5.x, MacroMedia Director 4.0~8.0, Flash 4~5.0, Strata StrataVision3D 1.0 (Mac), Strata StudioPro 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 (Mac), Strata 3DPro rich media edition 1.0 (Mac/PC), Infini-D (Mac), Virtus Walkthru 1.0 (Mac), Autodesk 3D Studio 4.0 (PC), 3D Studio MAX 2, 3, 4 (PC), 3D Studio VIZ 3 (PC)

CAD Systems:

Ashlar Vellum (Mac), VersaCad (Mac), Autodesk AutoCAD 11(Mac) 9~14, 2000 (PC), Architectural Desktop, Intergraph Microstation (Mac/PC), Graphsoft MiniCad 1~6 (Mac), Nemetschek VectorWorks 7,8 (Mac), ALLPLAN FT 15 (PC), Auto-des-sys Form-Z 3.0 (Mac), SoftCad3D (PC), Kozo Systems' DRA-CAD2 (NEC-Japanese), Brainstorm's OPHELIA (NEC-Japanese)

Desktop Software:

Microsoft Office 97 and 95, Word Perfect 6.0 and 5.11, Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS & MAC, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator/Navigator 2.x 6.x, Aldus PageMaker, Adobe PageMaker, 4.3, Fontastic (Mac), QuarkXpress

Programming Environments:

Basic, Pascal, Fortran, dBASE III, AutoLisp, AppleScript, ResEdit, HyperTalk, HTML, JavaScript.

Operating Systems:

DOS 1~ 4.0, Macintosh 1.0~7.5, Mac OS 8.0 ~ X, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP NT 3.1~4.0, UNIX, ULTRIX-32, VOS-3.


IBM PC and Compatibles, Apple Macintosh, NEC-Japan, DEC Workstations, SUN Microsystems, SGI, Modems, Scanners, Wacom Tablet, Digital Cameras, Video Conferencing Hardware, PDA’s including Psion and the Palm Pilot.
  Nihon Binary, Computer Applications  
  1993-1995 High level programming of computer software for architectural applications and 3D graphics software. Evaluation, adaptation and development of computer hardware and software for Japanese markets.
Wrote Japanese version and manuals for ArchiCad, MedVision, SpyGlass, StairMaker, PlotMaker, PlotterGeist
Platforms: SUN, SGI, DEC, IBM PC and MAC.
Software: ArchiCad, Terraform, CumTerra, Renderman, PageMaker, PhotoShop, Ilustrator, Premier, Zoom, Vertigo, ModaCad, MedVision, SpyGlass, StairMaker, PlotMaker, PlotterGeist, and others.
Hardware: High-end 2D Flatbed scanners, 3D Photo Scanners, InkJet Plotters, Mechanical Digitizers and other developing technologies.
  1990 University of Tokyo Computer Center
Programming supervisor at the University of Tokyo Computer Center
DEC, Hytachi, and Cray platforms
2000 Set Design: Nailing Tosca
2000 Set Design: A Droit de L'Empereur
1998 Wristwatch Design G-Shock Tokyo, SEIKO Japan
1996 Furniture Design with Paloma Picasso textile designs
"TAURO" Tokyo Design Center, Gotanda Tokyo
1993 Michael Blackwood Films
Arata Isozaki II  
Assisted in the production of Arata Isozaki Film on location
1996 The Reception
Independent Film Production
dream sequence 16mm, 50 minutes
  U.C.L.A. Film School
Non-degree program studies

BROKEN GLASS 16mm B/W Short Film
25 Minute Film


BROKEN LEAVES 16mm B/W Short Film
8 Minute Film

  Embassy Manifestos An Embassy Without A Country is a series of Installation and Performance Art pieces that manifest themselves in different ways for each aspect of the theme explored
  Dance Choreography / Performance:


BORDERS for An Embassy Without A Country




Dance of the Nine Prostrations for An Embassy Without A Country


The Bourreaucrat, The Gate, The Assistant, Propaganda, Ozendate, Borders
  1993 - 1997 Prostrations, Borderline Writing Appatratus, Prototype, The Billboard, Under A Bridge,
The Parasite, The Windmill, The Buoy
In collaboration with composer Bob Antolin
  Costume Design:


Clochard Ambassador, Gala Ambassador, The Council
In collaboration with composer K.Kusaba

1994 - 1997

The Billboards (Propaganda), The Plates (Ozendate), The Plates (Borders)

1993 - 1996

The Surveyor, Borderline Writing Apparatu, Prototype, The Chairman's Chair,
Under A Bridge, The Parasite, The Bourreaucrat, The Windmill, The Buoy, The Speaker

1994 / 1996

Dance of the Nine Prostrations / Video, The Reception 16mm Film
Community Service:
2002 N2 Network Newark (

Computer Technology Resource network to facilitate community access to various local organizations and Special program oriented groups serving area youth.
The Media Lab at Rutgers, NJIT, Newark Public Schools, Glass Roots, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Essex County College and The POWER Teen Theater Group are all separate organizations that will link together to create a virtual as well as a real place for youth to gather and learn through Multimedia about Science, computers, technology, their potencial and possibilities.
John Boyer Director & DT Ogilvie Rutgers University Associate Provost (PI) Grants pending

March 2002 University Satellite Seminar Series "The Artistic Community Responds" Organized an NJIT satellite link to the Museum of Television and Radio in Manhattan for a national panel discussion in response to September 11.  
2001 Future Tech 2001 at NJIT Introductory seminar for regional High School students on the role of architecture and computer technology in their future and careers
  The Refugee Camps:

Independent research work and WEB Page publication on the study of the Refugee Camp.
Planning, feasibility study, systems analysis and prototype design exercises with upper level undergraduate students of the School of Architecture at NJIT.
The internet publication of these studies have lead to inquiries from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as well as other group and individual inquiries from researchers and Doctoral candidates in Germany, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Peru and other nations. This is a non-funded on-going independent project.


Nationality: U.S.
Birthplace: Paris, France
Languages: English, Spanish, French and Japanese

sergio duran
1032 6th Avenue 401 New York NY 10018 TEL: (212) 840-1007 FAX: (212) 840-1007